Located in a 30 km/h zone, the ‘Frohalp’ residential complex comprises 17 exclusive 2.5–5.5-room apartments, of which 14 are for sale. It not only boasts a prime location in Zurich’s up-and-coming Wollishofen district, in close proximity to both the city itself and the great outdoors, but also impresses with the highest level of quality and style. The architects have succeeded in fusing the building’s design with nature in a variety of ways. For example, the complex blends harmoniously into its surroundings, skilfully serving as a striking addition to an area that includes both historical and modern buildings. The tailor-made floor plans, featuring large, glazed façades, open up views in various directions, while the well-thought-out terraces, balconies and seating areas blur the boundary between the interior and exterior spaces. This symbiosis of uniqueness, aesthetics and structural refinement is what makes the ‘Frohalp’ package such a resounding success.


The project was completed by end of June 2024 and the apartments are ready for occupancy.


Unpretentious luxury: in the midst of lush, green surroundings, the ‘Frohalp’ residential complex elegantly masters the balancing act between making a visual statement and respecting the environment.


A high standard of construction that not only delights the senses but is also well-thought-out: singles, couples and families alike immediately feel at ease in this modern home with its abundance of light, quality and privacy.